Provided by: fai-server_5.10.3ubuntu1_all bug


       fai-make-nfsroot - create the FAI nfsroot directory


       fai-make-nfsroot [options]


       Create  the  FAI  nfsroot  directory  as  pointed  by  $NFSROOT  in the config_file.  This
       directory is necessary for the installation of Debian on  remote  clients  using  the  FAI
       package. The config_file location is discussed in the OPTIONS below.

       The  exit  code  returned  is  0  if  all  commands  to  build  the  root directory exited
       successfully and >0 if an error occurs.


       -a     Adjust a generic nfsroot. Add resolv.conf, add host entries, and/or  set  the  root

       -B BASETGZ
              Use  specified BASETGZ file as base.tgz (or base.tar.gz, base.tar.xz, base.txz) for
              the nfsroot. This avoids calling debootstrap and therefore  reduces  the  buildtime
              for the nfsroot.

       -c, --class CLASS[,CLASS]
              Add these classes to the internal list of classes. This is usually not necessary.

       -C CFDIR
              Use  CFDIR  as  configuration  directory. Default is /etc/fai. You can also set the
              environment variable FAI_ETC_DIR.

       -f     Force overwriting an existing nfsroot. By default fai-make-nfsroot  aborts  if  the
              configuration variable NFSROOT points to a directory which already exists. To force
              overwriting (and therefore rebuilding) the existing nfsroot use this  option.  This
              option  is supported starting with FAI 4.0.  Note: To update and therefore preserve
              an existing nfsroot see option -k.

       -g     Create a generic nfsroot. Remove most install server specific  data  from  nfsroot.
              See also -a.

       -K     Remove all kernels from NFSROOT.

       -k     Install  additional  packages  defined  in  /etc/fai/NFSROOT into the nfsroot. Also
              copies all kernels from the nfsroot to the directory $TFTPROOT.  You can  use  this
              option, to upgrade all packages inside the nfsroot.

       -N     Additionally   install   non-free  packages  defined  in  the  NONFREE  section  of

       -P     Preserve ssh configs including the keys of the root account and also the  ssh  host
              keys from inside the nfsroot.

       -p     Preserve ssh configs including the keys of the root account. This will not preserve
              the ssh host keys inside the nfsroot.

       -s     Create a smaller nfsroot. Do not install packages defined  in  /etc/fai/NFSROOT  in
              the FULL section.

       -v     Create verbose output on stdout.

       -h     Show simple help.

       -z     Use gzip for compressing the base.tar file. Default is to use xz.


       If  you  do  not  use  NFS, you may still use the NFSROOT directory as a staging point for
       building the base installation tarball.


       exports(5), nfsd(8), fai-setup(8)

       This program is part of FAI (Fully Automatic Installation).  See the FAI manual  for  more
       information on how to use fai-make-nfsroot. The FAI homepage is


              The FAI configuration file.
              The configuration file for fai-make-nfsroot.
              Directory  containing shell scripts (using LSB namespaces) to be sourced at the end
              of fai-make-nfsroot for additional configuration of the  nfsroot.  Can  be  changed
              with NFSROOT_HOOKS.
              Copy this file to the NFSROOT.
              Repository keys in .asc format found here will be installed into the NFSROOT.
              The script will write the values of FAI_VERSION and NFSROOT to this file.


       Thomas Lange <>