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       kea-dhcp-ddns - DHCP-DDNS process in Kea


       kea-dhcp-ddns [-v] [-V] [-W] [-d] [-c config-file] [-t config-file]


       The  kea-dhcp-ddns  service  process  requests  an  update  of  DNS  mapping based on DHCP
       lease-change events. It runs as a separate process that expects  to  receive  Name  Change
       Requests from Kea DHCP servers.


       The arguments are as follows:

       -v     Displays the version.

       -V     Displays the extended version.

       -W     Displays the configuration report.

       -d     Sets  the  logging  level  to  debug  with  extra  verbosity. This is primarily for
              development purposes in stand-alone mode.

       -c config-file
              Specifies the configuration file with the configuration for the  DHCP-DDNS  server.
              It may also contain configuration entries for other Kea services.

       -t config-file
              Checks  the  syntax  of the configuration file and reports the first error, if any.
              Note that not all parameters are  completely  checked;  in  particular,  a  service
              socket is not opened.


       Kea  comes with an extensive Kea Administrator Reference Manual that covers all aspects of
       running  the  Kea  software  -  compilation,  installation,  configuration,  configuration
       examples, and much more. Kea also features a Kea Messages Manual, which lists all possible
       messages Kea can print with a brief description for  each  of  them.  Both  documents  are
       available  in  various  formats  (.txt,  .html,  .pdf)  with the Kea distribution. The Kea
       documentation is available at

       Kea  source  code  is  documented   in   the   Kea   Developer's   Guide,   available   at

       The Kea project website is available at


       There  are two public mailing lists available for the Kea project. kea-users (kea-users at is intended for Kea users, while  kea-dev  (kea-dev  at  is
       intended  for  Kea  developers,  prospective  contributors, and other advanced users. Both
       lists are available at The community provides  best-effort  support
       on both of those lists.

       ISC  provides  professional  support  for  Kea  services. See for


       The b10-dhcp-ddns process was first coded in May 2013 by Thomas Markwalder.

       Kea became a standalone server and the BIND 10 framework was removed. The DHCP-DDNS server
       binary was renamed to kea-dhcp-ddns in July 2014. Kea 1.0.0 was released in December 2015.


       kea-dhcp4(8),  kea-dhcp6(8),  kea-ctrl-agent(8),  kea-admin(8),  keactrl(8),  perfdhcp(8),
       kea-netconf(8), kea-lfc(8), Kea Administrator Reference Manual.


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