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       kea-lfc - Lease File Cleanup process in Kea


       kea-lfc  [-4**|-6**]  [-c config-file] [-p pid-file] [-x previous-file] [-i copy-file] [-o
       output-file] [-f finish-file] [-v] [-V] [-W] [-d] [-h]


       The kea-lfc service process removes redundant information from the files used  to  provide
       persistent  storage  for  the memfile database backend. The service is written to run as a
       stand-alone process. While it can be started externally, there is usually no  need  to  do
       this. It is run periodically by the Kea DHCP servers.


       The arguments are as follows:

       -4 | -6
              Indicates the protocol version of the lease files; must be either 4 or 6.

       -c config-file
              Specifies  the  file  with  the  configuration for the kea-lfc process. It may also
              contain configuration entries for other Kea services. Currently kea-lfc gets all of
              its arguments from the command line.

       -p pid-file
              Specifies  the  PID file. When the kea-lfc process starts, it attempts to determine
              if another instance of the process is already running, by examining the  PID  file.
              If  one  is  already running, the new process is terminated. If one is not running,
              Kea writes its PID into the PID file.

       -x previous-file
              Specifies the previous or ex-lease file. When kea-lfc starts, this is the result of
              any previous run of kea-lfc; when kea-lfc finishes, it is the result of the current
              run. If kea-lfc is interrupted before completing, this file may not exist.

       -i copy-file
              Specifies the input or copy of lease file. Before the DHCP server invokes  kea-lfc,
              it moves the current lease file here and then calls kea-lfc with this file.

       -o output-file
              Specifies  the output lease file, which is the temporary file kea-lfc should use to
              write the leases. Once this file is finished writing, it is  moved  to  the  finish
              file (see below).

       -f finish-file
              Specifies  the  finish  or completion file, another temporary file kea-lfc uses for
              bookkeeping. When kea-lfc finishes writing the output file, it  moves  it  to  this
              file name. After kea-lfc finishes deleting the other files (previous and input), it
              moves this file to the previous lease file. By moving the files  in  this  fashion,
              the  kea-lfc  and  the  DHCP server processes can determine the correct file to use
              even if one of the processes was interrupted before completing its task.

       -v     Causes the version stamp to be printed.

       -V     Causes a longer form of the version stamp to be printed.

       -W     Displays the configuration report.

       -d     Sets the logging level to  debug  with  extra  verbosity.  This  is  primarily  for
              development purposes in stand-alone mode.

       -h     Causes the usage string to be printed.


       Kea  comes with an extensive Kea Administrator Reference Manual that covers all aspects of
       running  the  Kea  software  -  compilation,  installation,  configuration,  configuration
       examples, and much more. Kea also features a Kea Messages Manual, which lists all possible
       messages Kea can print with a brief description for  each  of  them.  Both  documents  are
       available  in  various  formats  (.txt,  .html,  .pdf)  with the Kea distribution. The Kea
       documentation is available at

       Kea  source  code  is  documented   in   the   Kea   Developer's   Guide,   available   at

       The Kea project website is available at


       There  are two public mailing lists available for the Kea project. kea-users (kea-users at is intended for Kea users, while  kea-dev  (kea-dev  at  is
       intended  for  Kea  developers,  prospective  contributors, and other advanced users. Both
       lists are available at The community provides  best-effort  support
       on both of those lists.

       ISC  provides  professional  support  for  Kea  services. See for


       The kea-lfc process was first coded in January 2015 by the ISC Kea/DHCP team.


       kea-dhcp4(8), kea-dhcp6(8), kea-dhcp-ddns(8), kea-ctrl-agent(8), kea-admin(8), keactrl(8),
       perfdhcp(8), kea-netconf(8), Kea Administrator Reference Manual.


       Internet Systems Consortium


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