Provided by: bcache-tools_1.0.8-4ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       make-bcache - create a cache device


       make-bcache [ -U UUID ] [ -b bucket-size ] device


       -C     Create a cache

       -B     Create a backing device (kernel functionality not yet implemented)

       -U UUID
              Create a cache device with the specified UUID

       -b bucket-size
              Specifies  the  bucket size. Allocation is done in terms of buckets, and cache hits
              are counted per  bucket;  thus  a  smaller  bucket  size  will  give  better  cache
              utilization,  but poorer write performance. The bucket size is intended to be equal
              to the size of your SSD's erase blocks, which seems to be 128k-512k for most  SSDs.
              Must be a power of two; accepts human readable units. Defaults to 128k.