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       mtracebis - a multicast trace client


       mtracebis [-h] [-v]

       mtracebis <multicast source> [<multicast group>]


       mtracebis is a program for initiating multicast traceroute, or "mtrace", queries.

       It can initiate two types of mtrace queries: weak and group.

       Weak  tests  whether  the  interfaces  towards  the  source  are  multicast enabled and is
       initiated by supplying only the multicast source address.

       Group tests whether there is multicast routing protocol  state  for  particular  multicast
       group and is initiated by supplying mutlicast source and group.

       The  first  query sent is a full query, capable of crossing the network all the way to the
       source. If this fails, hop-by-hop queries are initiated.

       Hop-by-hop queries start by requesting only a response from the nearest router.  Following
       that, next query is extended to the next two routers, and so on...  until a set of routers
       is tested for connectivity.


              The default location of the mtracebis binary.


       This man page is intended to be a quick reference for command line options. The definitive
       document is the info file frr 8.1 or the documentation available on the project website at


       The daemon may log to standard output, to a VTY, to a log file, or through syslog  to  the
       system  logs.  FRR  supports many debugging options, see the Info file, web docs or source
       for details.


       frr-zebra(8),   vtysh(1),   frr-ripd(8),   frr-ripngd(8),   frr-ospfd(8),   frr-ospf6d(8),
       frr-bgpd(8),   frr-isisd(8),   frr-babeld(8),   frr-nhrpd(8),   frr-pimd(8),  frr-pbrd(8),
       frr-ldpd(8), frr-eigrpd(8),  frr-staticd(8),  frr-fabricd(8),  frr-vrrpd(8),  mtracebis(8)


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       Mladen Sablic


       2022, FRR