Provided by: rbldns_1.05-15fakesync1_amd64 bug


       rbldns - an IP-address-listing DNS server


       rbldns  is  an IP-address-listing DNS server.  It accepts iterative DNS queries from hosts
       around the Internet asking about various IP  addresses.   It  provides  responses  showing
       whether the addresses are on a locally configured list, such as RBL or DUL.


       Normally rbldns is set up by the rbldns-conf(8) program.

       rbldns  runs  chrooted in the directory specified by the $ROOT environment variable, under
       the uid and gid specified by the $UID and $GID environment variables.

       rbldns listens for incoming UDP packets addressed to port 53 of $IP.  It does  not  listen
       for TCP queries.

       rbldns  handles  domains  of  the  form  d.c.b.a.base  where  a.b.c.d is the IP address in
       question and base is given by the $BASE environment variable.

       rbldns rejects inverse queries, non-Internet-class  queries,  truncated  packets,  packets
       that  contain anything other than a single query, query types other than A, TXT, or *, and
       queries for domains outside $BASE.  It looks up other queries inside  data.cdb,  a  binary
       file created by rbldns-data(8).


       rbldns-conf(8), rbldns-data(8)