Provided by: tpm-quote-tools_1.0.4-1build2_amd64 bug


       tpm_getpcrhash - return the signed data produced by a TPM quote


       tpm_getpcrhash [-r HOST] [-hv] UUID-FILE HASH-FILE PCR-VALUE-FILE PCRS


       The  program returns the signed data produced by a TPM quote in the file HASH-FILE and the
       list of Platform Configuration Register values in the  file  PCR-VALUE-FILE.   PCRS  is  a
       sequence of integers that specify the Platform Configuration Registers used to produce the
       signed data.  The key used for the operation is the one registered under the UUID in UUID-
       FILE.   The nonce used while quoting is unpredictable.  The nonce field in the signed data
       is ignored when using the signed data to verify a quote.

       -r HOST
              Perform operation on remote HOST.

       -h     Display command usage info.

       -v     Display command version info.


       tpm_quote_tools(8),       tpm_loadkey(8),       tpm_getquote(8),       tpm_verifyquote(8),

                                             Oct 2010                         GET TPM PCR HASH(8)