Provided by: tpm-quote-tools_1.0.4-1build2_amd64 bug


       tpm_verifyquote - verify the signature produced by a TPM quote


       tpm_verifyquote [-hv] PUBKEY-FILE HASH-FILE NONCE-FILE [QUOTE-FILE]


       The program verifies the signature produced by a TPM quote in the file QUOTE-FILE, or when
       absent, the quote read from standard input.  The file PUBKEY-FILE contains the public  key
       used  to  validate  the  signature.  The file HASH-FILE contains the signed data generated
       using the same key and Platform  Configuration  Registers  used  to  generate  the  quote.
       Critically, the signed data includes the PCR composite hash used to validate that the PCRs
       contain their expected values.  The file NONCE-FILE contains the nonce  used  to  generate
       the quote.

       -h     Display command usage info.

       -v     Display command version info.


       tpm_quote_tools(8), tpm_mkaik(8), tpm_getpcrhash(8), tpm_getquote(8)

                                             Oct 2010                         VERIFY TPM QUOTE(8)