Provided by: vzctl_4.9.4-6build1_amd64 bug


       vzmigrate - migrate a container between two OpenVZ servers


       vzmigrate [-r|--remove-area yes|no] [--ssh=ssh_options] [--ssh-mux]
                 [--rsync=rsync_options] [--keep-dst] [--live] [-c|--compact] [-s|--snapshot]
                 [--check-only|--dry-run] [-f|--nodeps[=check[,check ...]]]  [-t|--times] [-v]
                 destination_address CTID
       vzmigrate -h|--help|--usage


       This utility is used to migrate a container  from  one  (source)  Hardware  Node  (HN)  to
       another (destination) HN. The utility can migrate either stopped or running container. For
       a stopped container, simple CT private area transfer is performed (rsync(1)  is  used  for
       file  transfer).  For  running  containers, either traditional (with CT stop and start) or
       live migration is possible.

       This program uses ssh as a transport layer. You  will  need  to  put  ssh  public  key  to
       destination node and be able to connect to node without entering password.


       -r, --remove-area yes | no
              Whether  to  remove  a  container  area  on source HN for the successfully migrated
              container. Default is yes.

              Additional options that will be passed to  ssh  while  establishing  connection  to
              destination HN.

              Enable  ssh  channel multiplexing, establishing and reusing a single ssh connection
              to remote server. This speeds up live migration.

              Additional options that will be passed to rsync(8).  You may add options like -z to
              enable data compression if you are migrating over a slow link.

              Do  not  clean  synced destination container private area in case of some error. It
              makes sense to use  this  option  on  big  container  migration  to  avoid  syncing
              container  private  area  again  in case some error (on container stop for example)
              occurs during first migration attempt.

       --live Perform live migration: instead of restarting a container, checkpoint  and  restore
              are  used,  so  there  is no container downtime or service interruption. Additional
              steps are performed to minimize the time when a container is  in  suspended  state.
              Option --online can be used as a backward-compatible alias.

       -c, --compact
              Compact  a  container  image  (i.e.  run vzctl compact) before migration. Works for
              ploop only, ignored otherwise.

       -s, --snapshot
              Create a container snapshot (i.e. run vzctl snapshot) before migration.  Works  for
              ploop only, ignored otherwise.

       --check-only, --dry-run
              Do  not  perform  actual migration, stop after preliminary checks.  This is used to
              check if a CT can possibly be migrated. Combine with --live to enable  more  checks
              for live migration case.

       -f|--nodeps[=check[,check ...]]
              Continue  migration,  ignoring  some or all preliminary check failures.  Particular
              checks can be ignored by providing an argument to --nodeps  option.  The  following
              options can be used (comma-separated):
              • cpu     - ignore cpu capabilities check;
              • ipv6    - ignore ipv6 module check.

       -t, --times
              At  the  end  of  live  migration, output various timings for migration stages that
              affect total suspended CT time. Note that it only makes sense with --live.

       -v     Verbose mode. Causes vzmigrate to print debugging messages about its progress. Note
              that -v automatically implies -t.  Multiple -v options increase the verbosity.

              Print usage info and exit.


       Migration of CT 101 to with downtime:

          vzmigrate 101

       Online migration of CT 102 to

          vzmigrate --live 102


       0 EXIT_OK
              Command completed successfully.

       1 EXIT_USAGE
              Bad command line options.

              Container is stopped.

              Can't connect to destination (source) HN.

       6 EXIT_COPY
              Container private area copying/moving failed.

       7 EXIT_VE_START
              Can't start or restore destination CT.

       8 EXIT_VE_STOP
              Can't stop or checkpoint source CT.

       9 EXIT_EXISTS
              Container already exists on destination HN.

              Container does not exists on source HN.

       12 EXIT_IP_INUSE
              You  attempt  to  migrate  CT  which  IP  address(es)  are  already  in  use on the
              destination node.

       13 EXIT_QUOTA
              Operation with CT quota failed.

              OpenVZ is not running, or some required kernel modules are not loaded.

              Unable to set CT name on destination node.

              Ploop is not supported by destination node.

              CPT version incompatibility with the destination node.

       18 EXIT_UNSUP_CPU
              Destination node CPU incompatibility.

              Unable to read remote vz.conf.

       20 EXIT_LOCKED
              Can't lock container (already locked).


       rsync(1), vzcptcheck(8).


       Copyright (C) 2001-2013, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.