Provided by: zfsutils-linux_2.1.5-1ubuntu6_amd64 bug


     zpool-add — add vdevs to ZFS storage pool


     zpool add [-fgLnP] [-o property=value] pool vdev


     Adds the specified virtual devices to the given pool.  The vdev specification is described
     in the Virtual Devices section of zpoolconcepts(7).  The behavior of the -f option, and the
     device checks performed are described in the zpool create subcommand.

     -f      Forces use of vdevs, even if they appear in use or specify a conflicting replication
             level.  Not all devices can be overridden in this manner.

     -g      Display vdev, GUIDs instead of the normal device names.  These GUIDs can be used in
             place of device names for the zpool detach/offline/remove/replace commands.

     -L      Display real paths for vdevs resolving all symbolic links.  This can be used to look
             up the current block device name regardless of the /dev/disk path used to open it.

     -n      Displays the configuration that would be used without actually adding the vdevs.
             The actual pool creation can still fail due to insufficient privileges or device

     -P      Display real paths for vdevs instead of only the last component of the path.  This
             can be used in conjunction with the -L flag.

     -o property=value
             Sets the given pool properties.  See the zpoolprops(7) manual page for a list of
             valid properties that can be set.  The only property supported at the moment is


     zpool-attach(8), zpool-import(8), zpool-initialize(8), zpool-online(8), zpool-remove(8)