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       i7z - A better i7 (and now i3, i5) reporting tool for Linux.


       i7z [OPTION], [OPTION] is optional. i7z needs to be run in super user (root) mode.


       i7z  runs  the  i7z, ncurses based, program without any options. i7z will print out the C-
       states and temperature for i3, i5 and i7  based  Core  processors  from  Intel  (including
       Nehalems, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge).


       -h, --help show the list of options available with the i7z tool.

       -w   [a|l],  --write  [a,l] Logging of the frequencies can be turned on with this options.
       Option "-w a" or "--write a" will append to the  log file. Option "-w l"  or  "--write  l"
       will replace the log file.

       -l,   --logfile   [FILENAME] Change  the  log file name to the specified FILENAME. Default
       logging file is cpu_freq_log.txt (single  socket) or cpu_freq_log_dual%d.txt (dual socket,
       %d is either 0, 1).

       --socket0   [SOCKETNUM],  --socket1 [SOCKETNUM] The tool can print information for about 2
       sockets at once at the most. The top view  will  be, by   default,  of  the  first  socket
       (controlled  by --socket0) and the bottom view will be of the second socket (controlled by
       --socket1). Supply the appropriate value of 0 or 1 or more for  SOCKETNUM  (if  there  are
       more sockets on the machine) to show in the top and bottom view.

       --nogui Disable the GUI. Useful when the only need is logging.


       To print for two sockets and also change the log file (log to /tmp/logfilei7z)

       i7z --socket0 0 --socket1 1 -logfile /tmp/logfilei7z -w l


       Do report bugs or feature enhancement as an issue at


       Written  in  2010,  by Abhishek Jaiantilal (abhirana @ i7z  is licensed  under
       the terms of the GNU  General Public License (GPL) version 2.

                                           20 July 2012                                    i7z(1)