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       jsc - command-line JavaScript interpreter.


       jsc [options] [files] [-- arguments]


       This manual page documents briefly the jsc command.

       jsc  is  a  command-line utility that allows you to run JavaScript programs outside of the
       context of a web browser. It is primarily used as part of the test harness for  validating
       the JavaScript portions of WebKit, but can also be used as a scripting tool.

       jsc  can  be  run  in an interactive mode to test out JavaScript expressions, or it can be
       passed one or more files to run similar to invoking a Perl or Python script.


       -e     Evaluate argument as script code.

       -f     Specifies a source file (deprecated).

       -h, --help
              Shows summary of command-line options.

       -i     Enables interactive mode (default if no files are specified).

       -p file
              Outputs profiling data to a file.

       -s     Installs signal handlers that exit on a crash.

       -x     Output exit code before terminating.

              Dumps all JSC VM options and exits.

              Dumps all JSC VM options before continuing.

       --<jsc VM option>=<value>
              Sets the specified JSC VM option.


       This manual page was written by Alberto Garcia <>, based on  the  contents

                                           Jan 21, 2014                                    jsc(1)