Provided by: nullmailer_1.11-2.1_amd64 bug


       nullmailer - Overview of nullmailer documentation


       nullmailer is a simple and secure relay-only mail transport agent.

       Documentation  on how messages are reformatted and injected into the queue can be found in
       nullmailer-inject(1).  Documentation on how messages are actually inserted into the  queue
       can  be found in nullmailer-queue(8).  The process of sending queued messages is described
       in nullmailer-send(8).

       The following table lists all the control files used by nullmailer.
              control file        used by
              adminaddr           nullmailer-queue
              defaultdomain       nullmailer-inject
              defaulthost         nullmailer-inject
              helohost            nullmailer-send
              idhost              nullmailer-inject
              me                  nullmailer-inject
              pausetime           nullmailer-send
              remotes             nullmailer-send
              sendtimeout         nullmailer-send