Provided by: util-linux_2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20.9_amd64 bug


       fstrim-all - call fstrim on all mounted file systems which support it


       SSD  drives need to be TRIMed, i. e. they need to be told which blocks the OS considers as
       "unused" (i. e. from deleted files). Withouth this, the write speed on SSDs becomes slower
       over time.

       fstrim-all  detects  which mounted partitions belong to drives that need/support trimming,
       and calls fstrim(1) on them.

       It is meant to be called from cron. There is no output on success.

       This only runs on Intel and Samsung SSDs as some SSDs with faulty firmware  may  encounter
       data   loss   problems   when   running   fstrim   under   high   I/O   load  (see  e.  g. You can call  fstrim-all  with  the  --no-model-check
       option to disable the vendor check and run fstrim on all SSD drives.


       Martin Pitt <>



                                             Dec 2013                               fstrim-all(8)