Provided by: netsniff-ng_0.5.7-1_amd64 bug


       trafgen - a high-performance zero-copy network packet generator


       trafgen   [-d|--dev <netdev>][-c|--conf <file>][-J|--jumbo-support]
            [-x|--interactive][-n|--num <uint>][-r|--rand][-t|--gap <usec>]      [-S|--ring-size
       <size>][-k|--kernel-pull <usec>][-b|--bind-cpu <cpu>]      [-B|--unbind-cpu
       <cpu>][-H|--prio-high][-Q|--notouch-irq][-v|--version]      [-h|--help]


       A high-performance network traffic generator that uses the zero-copy TX_RING for network
       I/O. For instance, on comodity Gigabit hardware up to 1,488,095 pps 64 Byte pps have been
       achieved with trafgen.


       trafgen --dev eth0 --conf trafgen.txf --bind-cpu 0
           Use packet configuration trafgen.txf, eth0 as transmission device and CPU0 for binding
           the process.


           Print help text and lists all options.

           Print version.

       -d|--dev <netdev>
           Device for transmission i.e., eth0.

       -c|--conf <conf>
           Path to packet configuration file.

           Start trafgen in interactive mode.

           Support for 64KB Super Jumbo Frames

       -n|--num <uint>
           Number of packets to generate before exiting.  0 means forever until SIGINT.

           Randomize packet selection process instead of round-robin.

       -t|--gap <uint>
           Interpacket gap in microseconds.

       -S|--ring-size <size>
           Manually set ring size to <size>: mmap space in KB/MB/GB.

       -k|--kernel-pull <uint>
           Kernel pull from user interval in microseconds.  Default value is 10 microseconds.

       -b|--bind-cpu <cpu>
           Bind to specific CPU (or CPU-range).

       -B|--unbind-cpu <cpu>
           Forbid to use specific CPU (or CPU-range).

           Make this high priority process.

           Do not touch IRQ CPU affinity of NIC.


       Generate traffic defined in trafgen.txf on eth0 using CPU 0
           trafgen --dev eth0 --conf trafgen.txf --bind-cpu 0

       Generate traffic on eth0 using CPU 0, wait 100 us between packets
           trafgen --dev eth0 --conf trafgen.txf --bind-cpu 0 --gap 100

       Generate 100,000 packet on eth0 using CPU 0
           trafgen --dev eth0 --conf trafgen.txf --bind-cpu 0 --num 100000


       Written by Daniel Borkmann <>


       Documentation by Emmanuel Roullit <>


       Please report bugs to <>

                                            2012-06-29                                 trafgen(8)