Provided by: crossfire-server_1.71.0+dfsg1-1_amd64 bug


       crossfire-config - give information to plugin about crossfire server


       usage: crossfire-config --Dflags gives complete Dflags line for compiler invocation

       usage: crossfire-config --parameter-list show the list of available parameters)

       usage: crossfire-config <parameter name> extract a compilation parameter


       Little program aimed at giving information to plugin about config of the crossfire server.

       Simply  invoke  with  the  config parameter to get. Only the most common parameters (those
       that could be needed by an independent configure  script)  are  available.   The  rest  is
       available in config.h andd should be included in any plugin needing it.

                                           Feb 04 2004                        crossfire-config(6)