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       darkplaces - an engine for iD software's Quake and related games


       darkplaces [ -options ] [ +set cvar value ] [ +console commands ]


       DarkPlaces  is  an  OpenGL-only  engine for Quake and related games, with greatly enhanced
       effects and lighting and many features for mods.


       This program follows the Quake convention, with long options starting with a  single  dash
       (`-').  Options include:

              Specify  the location of the game data files. The default is the current directory,
              which is not usually useful.

              Run as a dedicated server, without the GUI. Alternatively, you can run  darkplaces-
              server if installed.

       -game  Start the game using the files from a mission pack or a mod.

              Start the game with the Hipnotic mission pack.

       -rogue Start the game with the Rogue mission pack.

              Expect the basedir to contain the standalone game Nexuiz, instead of Quake.

       Various     other     mods     and     standalone     games     are     supported,     see


       darkplaces-server(6), /usr/share/doc/darkplaces/README.Debian.


       DarkPlaces was based on Quake by id Software, and is maintained by LordHavoc and  numerous

       This  manual  page  was  written  by  David  Banks  <> and Simon McVittie
       <> for the Debian project, and may be used by others.

                                            2011-06-06                              DARKPLACES(6)