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       gravitation - a game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process.




       Gravitation  is  a  video  game written by Jason Rohrer about the creative process and the
       interaction between the creative process and life.

       Gravitation is an art game. As a result, some people love it  and  some  people  hate  it.
       Check  out  the  links  to  places  it  has  been discussed on the website for some of the

       The mechanics of the game are fairly simple. Your "score" is  related  to  the  amount  of
       "projects"  you  complete.  To complete a project, first you need to discover and idea. In
       the game ideas are represented by blue stars and located in the maze  above  your  initial
       position.   To  get  to  the maze, you can either wait till you feel inspired to jump that
       far, or you can play with your daughter and be inspired more quickly.  Once  you  find  an
       idea,  it  will fall to earth (so to speak), and you now need to "complete" the project by
       pushing the fallen star (now a white cube) into the fireplace. The  game  mechanics  allow
       for myriad situations and exploring them can be an interesting experience.

       The  most  interesting part about this game is the emotions it evokes within the player of
       the game. The ultra-low-res pixel art helps here, by not  being  too  distracting  and  by
       leaving plenty room for viewer interpretation.

       Gravitation is the follow-up to Passage, another art game by Jason Rohrer.


       Gravitation has no command-line options.

       The left and right arrow keys move left and right.

       The spacebar is used to jump. Hold for higher jumps.

       The Esc key is used to quit the game.

       The  game  resolution and use of fullscreen or a window can be set by editing the files in


       The website and discussion:

       The game creators statement:

                                            March 2008                             gravitation(6)