Provided by: kball_0.0.20041216-8ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       kball - a game of skill and reflexes for all the family


       kball [-w] [-bppXX] [-mapeditor] [-trace]


       KBall is a game of skill and reflexes, non violent, suitable for all ages.

       The  idea  is to move a ball around the map, without falling, without running out of time,
       and getting the prizes, in order to reach the exit.

       The map has different traps, such as slides, pushers, jumps, falls, walls, etc.

       Maps are viewed from top view, and the walls and player's ball are real-time  rendered  in
       beautiful 3D.

       It is 100% non-violent FUN - Suitable for ALL ages.

       Also, a easy to use, full map editor is included, so you can do your OWN maps!


       You  must  guide  your  crystal  ball  in  the labyrinth, without falling from it, without
       running out of time, and picking up  the  ying-yang  power  ups,  in  order  to  exit  the
       labyrinth reaching the floor marked with the ying-yang mark.

       Besides  the  ying-yang power ups, there are other prizes that will have different effects
       on the score.


       Some keys that you can use during the game:

           Ends the game
           Pause the game
           Save a screen-shoot


       You don't need to pick up all the prizes to exit, only the ying-yang, but you  may  desire
       to get all the prizes to get a better score.

       Always keep and eye on remaining time.

       There are secret zones in some labyrinths. Look for them.

       In some levels, there are secret shortcuts.

       In some places, there are fake walls, you can go thought them and reach secret places.

       You can move your ball in the middle of the air, use this to do cool jumps.

       Is  better to do multiple jumps at once, using your ability to move the ball in the air to
       perfect the multi-jump.

       You can use a combination of controllers to move the  ball  (like  mouse  +  keyboard  for

       When  you  be  ready  to  exit  the level, you will see the word  "EXIT" flashing at upper
       right. Don't try to exit the level if you don't see that word.

       Use the map editor to do your own custom maps.

       The new levels must be saved inside the "levels" folder inside the installation folder  of

       Pressing <F1> in the map editor you will see a list with all the available commands.


       These command line options are available:
        -w             Runs the game in a window.
        -f             Runs the game in a full screen.
        -nosound       Disables music and sound system.
        -bpp16         Selects a 16 bits color depth.
        -bpp15         Selects a 15 bits color depth.
        -bpp32         Selects a 32 bits color depth.
        -bpp24         Selects a 24 bits color depth.
        -mapeditor     Starts only the map editor.
        -trace          Enables the debugging tracer, only useful for the developers of the game,
       or to report bugs.


       The original program was written by Kronoman.

       This  manual  page  was  written  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system   by   Miriam   Ruiz
       <> (but may be used by others, of course)