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       kiki-the-nano-bot - Kiki the nano bot, a 3D puzzle game




       Kiki the nano bot is a 3D puzzle game, mixing Sokoban and Kula World.


       Once upon a time, there were some tiny little robots living in the nano world.  They lived
       a happy artificial life busily collecting resources for the Maker who made more  and  more
       tiny  little  robots.   But  one  day,  a  parasitic capacity destroyed the Maker's master
       control program.  Since then he is malfunctioning and only producing  lazy  stupid  little
       robots  which shoot each other and destroy the nano world.  Your task is to help kiki, the
       only sane bot left over, to repair the Maker.


       To solve the game, you have to complete several levels.  Every level has it's own task.

       Pressing ESC will display a menu with a 'help' item which explains what you have to do  in
       order to fulfill this task.

       Once  you  managed  to  fulfill  the task, the exit gate will be activated.  If kiki moves
       through the activated exit gate, it will be 'beamed' to the next level.

       The following table lists the default keys you will use to control kiki's actions:

       Up        Move forward

       Down      Move backward

       Left      Turn left

       Right     Turn right

       Space     Shoot

       Control   Jump

       Shift     Push

       Page down Change view

       Home      Look up

       End       Look down

       You may change the keys in the keyboard setup screen.

       For more information, see the game's web site.


       The game's web site ⟨


       Kiki the nano bot was developed by Thorsten Kohnhorst (aka Monsterkodi) and others.

                                            2008-05-12                       kiki-the-nano-bot(6)