Provided by: matanza_0.13+ds1-5_amd64 bug


       matanza - space war multiuser ascii game


       matanza [OPTIONS]


       Matanza  is  a  multiplayer  game.  In it, every player controls a ship cruising in space,
       aiming to destroy the other players (and, eventually, ships controled  by  the  computer).
       You connect to the server using a telnet client.


       The first thing you must do is connect to the server.
              You must connect to the TCP port `7993' (unless you specified a different port when
              you ran the server) of the host running the server.

       I won't tell you how to do this, Luke.


       Don't look at me like that!

       Ok, you win.
              It's probably 'telnet localhost 7993'.

       Once connected, you'll see some nice (c'mon give us some credits) introduction.

       You must hit <RET> (that's <Enter>) to go to the game's main screen.

       At the main screen, you must enter your name.
              That's right, it can't have more than 8 letters.  Oh, and it can not begin  with  a
              number.  Enter your name and hit <RET> a few times.

       If you are in Windows' stupid telnet client, the widgets there will look awful.  No colors
       or anything.  We are going to fix that eventually, but...  well, you'll have to  learn  to
       live  with  that  for  the moment.  I'm sure you can, Luke.  After all, you could stand it
       when that stupid kid at school used to beat you, remember?

       But back to our game, you'll see a ship in the middle of screen.
              Yes, I said ship.  Okay, I know it looks more like fire effects than  a  ship,  but
              with  a  couple of practice it's going to look better.  You just need to train your
              self to recognize it.

       Or you could think of it as a big moth and of the bullets as moth-spit  and  the  goal  of
       this game would be to cover your enemies in your spit.

       Now, that thing in the middle of the screen is YOUR ship.
              To control it you can use the following keys:

       `h' and `l'
              Make  the ship rotate.  If you are wondering why I used `h' and `l', get a life (in
              other words, learn to use Vi).  It's a matter of style.  Actually, I  got  so  many
              complaints from lukes like you that I added support for arrow keys.

       `+' and `-'
              These allow you to zoom in and out.

       `j' and `k'
              Accelerate  the  ship.  Yes, it can move!  Yes, at different speeds!  Okay, `j' may
              not work (see --brake and --fly-back).  More on that  latter.   Again,  arrows  key
              works as well.

       ` ' (that's space, dude)
              Shot.   Yay!   Bullets!   Or  (depending  on your point of view) Moth-Spit!  Sorry,
              dude, the telnet protocol doesn't support sound so  there's  no  BZZZING  when  you

       `b'    Shot bullets backwards.  Sometimes this doesn't work.  More on that in section 6.

       `m'    Do  you see two little imperfections on your ship's wings?  Those are the MISSILES.
              Yoy can shot them with `m'.  They do a lot more damage than the  bullets,  but  you
              have only two, so be careful.

       `n'    You can also shot SMALLER missiles.  You have ten of these.

       <Ret>  If  you  hit  <Ret>,  you'll be able to write a message to send it to all the other
              players.  That's correct, you can use Matanza as a full featured chat and all.  You
              could even have using it, but don't even get me started on the subject.

       `z'    Shows you stats about the game.

       `c'    Removes the last message from the list of messages.

       `C'    Cleans the list of messages.

       `s'    Swaps the position of the list of messages.

       `p'    Pauses the game.

       `v'    Toggles  whether  or  not  you  see the messages.  Sometimes you'll want to disable

       `i'    Make your ship invisible!  But beware, you may only make it invisible for  a  short
              period  of time, after that it becomes visible again and you can't become invisible

       `q'    Quit the game.

       The following is a list of important command line arguments; this was last
              updated for version 0.12, though some are still missing.

       --help This shows the list of command line arguments and exits.

              Use this to know the version of the server.

              If you want to make it so the server will allow at most NUM players  to  enter  the
              world at any given moment, use this option.

       --bold This  instructs  the  server  to use bold characters when rendering images to ASCII
              art.  It improves the quality of the rendering (as of version 0.9 it still has some

              This changes the default image width (for the zoom).  The default is 320.

              Use  this  option to set the maximum damage a ship can take before it is destroyed.
              It defaults to 1000.

       --mapsize-x=NUM --mapsize-y=NUM
              These options allow you to change the map size.  If you make  it  smaller,  players
              will  come  across each other more often.  On the other hand, if you plan to have a
              lot of players, you might want to increase the size.  The default is 1200 x 1000.

              With this option you can change the number of  lives  each  player  (or  team:  see
              --no-share) gets at startup.

              During  its initialization, Matanza calculates rotations for all its images (ships,
              missiles, asteroids, etc.).  It uses 64  different  angles  by  default.   You  may
              change this number to increase its quality or decrease its memory consumption.

              If  you use this option, you will disallow the chat feature.  The only reason I can
              think why someone would want to do that would be to keep newbies from entering  the
              chat  buffer  and  becoming unable to control their ships.  Or perhaps to make some
              team games more exciting by preventing the players to exchange information  (though
              I know it would be very easy to cheat).

              If  you  want  to play in teams mode, you will use this option once for every team,
              specifying its name.  Before joining the game, all players  must  select  the  team
              they will play in.

              You  can  instruct  the  server to only accept players who know the password.  This
              might be good for some tournaments.

              This option is only meaningful in teams mode.  By default,  bullets  from  a  given
              player  hurt  everyone, not only players from the other teams.  This option changes
              that behaviour and makes it so bullets from a given player won't  hurt  players  in
              the same team.

              This  option  is  only  meaningful in teams mode.  By default, all the teams have a
              pool of lives; when a player dies, he comes back to play and the team has one  life
              less.  When this option is specified, the lives are no longer shared so each player
              has its own pool of lives.

              Maximum angular speed for ships (try 0)

              If this option is specified, players will be acelerate backwards.

              Players will be able to brake using `j' (or the down arrow).

       --air  Ships' speed depend on their direction.

              Set the maximum speed for the ships to NUM.  A value of 0 makes this unlimited.

              With this option you can specify how many asteroids you want at a given moment.  If
              you  use  `0',  you  will  disable  this  feature  and the memory requirements will

              Give the world limits; make it end

              When enemy is away, don't show the direction

              Allow players to become invisible for NUM rounds

              PPC stands for Players Per Connection.  With this option, you will be able  to  set
              the  number of ships each connection will have.  For the moment, the only supported
              values are 1 and 2.  The keyboard bindings change and those for a value  of  2  are
              not yet documented.

              PATH  should  be the path to a JPEG file.  Matanza will load the information in the
              file and use it as the background, rather than showing the dots.   This  will  only
              work if libjpeg was installed when you compiled Matanza.

              This  option  will  be ignored unless `--bg' is also used.  It tells Matanza to set
              the map's size to be the width and height of the background image.  When used,  the
              options `-x' and `-y' are ignored.

              Through  this option you can specify a file name for Matanza to load the images for
              the ships from it.  The format for the file is very simple,  consult  ship.txt  for
              more details.


       Please read the extensive README file for more documentation.



       Alejandro Forero Cuervo <>