Provided by: netpanzer_0.8.4.debian.1-1.2_amd64 bug


       netPanzer - an online multiplayer tactical warfare game


       netpanzer [options]


       This  program  is  a  free  (GPL) isometric view real-time tactical game designed for play
       across the Internet and over LAN systems. One  on  one  games  are   possible  via  direct
       connect or modem.

       netPanzer  is  designed  for  FAST  ACTION combat -- it is not another resource management
       clone. In fact, there aren't any resources at all. Each player will  have  many  units  of
       different  types  at  their disposal. Players can fight until their units are destroyed --
       then respawn and keep on going.

       The game is real-time, but it's based  on  quick  tactical  action  and  unit  management.
       Battles  progress  quickly and constantly; in fact, they never let up. There is no stop in
       the action because there is no waiting for resources to be collected  and  converted  into
       weaponry. Players can join or leave  multiplayer games at any time.


       The following options are supported.

       -h, --help     Shows usage instructions.

       --version      Shows version information.

       -c, --connect=VALUE
                      Connects directly to the specified server.

       -d, --dedicated
                      Runs as dedicated server.

       -b, --bot=VALUE
                      Connects as bot to specific server.

       -p, --port=VALUE
                      Runs server on specified port. (the server uses TCP and UDP connections)

       -g, --debug    Enables debug output.

                      Uses  the  specified master server. You can use 'none' if you don't want to
                      use master server.

                      Uses the specified file as config file. Only  files  from  the  netpanzer's
                      config directory can be used.

       --protocol     Shows version of network protocol.

                      Creates a pidfile at the specified location.


       The  original  development of netPanzer was done from PyroSoft inc.  The game is currently
       developed by Matthias Braun, Ivo Danihelka, Tyler Nielsen, Vlad Rahkoy and Ingo Ruhnke.
       This man page was written  by  Bartosz  Fenski  <>  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux
       distribution (but it may be used by others).