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       quake-server - dedicated server for Quake




       This manual page documents briefly the quake-server command.

       Quake  is  a  popular  first-person  shooter  game  that  appeared in 1996, released by iD
       Software.  This wrapper script will launch the Quake dedicated server.

       The game data needs to be installed independently using the 'game-data-packager'  program,
       and by default it will be looked for at /usr/share/games/quake.

       This  wrapper  script  accepts  the two common GNU-style options to get information on the
       program.  Any further arguments are passed to the engine unmodified.  Consult  the  engine
       documentation  for full details, but most engines support a syntax whereby engine switches
       are prefixed with a minus sign, and you can give console commands by prefixing with a plus
       sign.  See the examples section for some common cases.


       These options are accepted for WRAPPER-OPTIONS in the synopsis.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

       -v, --version
              Show version of program.


       quake(6), quakespasm(6), game-data-packager(6).


       This  manual  page,  and  the  Quake wrapper script, were written by David Banks and Simon
       McVittie for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

                                            2011-06-22                            QUAKE-SERVER(6)