Provided by: uligo_0.3-6_all bug


       uligo - tsumego (go problems) practice tool




       To  get  stronger  at  go,  it  is essential to develop one's reading ability. That is why
       professionals recommend to study life and death or tesuji problems.  uliGo  is  a  program
       that  allows  you to do that: basically, the computer displays a problem, and asks for the
       answer. You enter the first move, the computer responds, and so on  until  you  reach  the
       final solution or enter a wrong move.


       The  basic operation of uliGo is simple. Click the right arrow to view a problem, and then
       click where you think the right answer is.   The  Documentation  item  in  the  Help  menu
       contains  the full documentation for uliGo, such as configuring the timer or the order the
       tsumego are displayed in.

       By default, problems are presented in random order, with the colors and orientation of the
       problem randomly chosen.


              This  directory  stores  information about how many problems you've solved, and SGF
              files you've downloaded yourself.


       Ulrich Goertz <> is the author of uliGo. Joe  Wreschnig  <>
       wrote this manual page for the Debian operating system, but it may be used by others.


       The  uliGo  website  at  contains  more  (unclearly  licensed)
       problems sets that cannot be included with the Debian package.

                                         April 25th, 2003                                uligo(6)