Provided by: mkvtoolnix_8.8.0-1_amd64 bug


       mkvtoolnix-gui - una GUI para mkvmerge(1) incluyendo un capítulo y editor de encabezado


       mkvtoolnix-gui [[configuration-file-name.mtxcfg] | [source-file.ext] |
                      [--edit-chapters [chapter-file.ext]] |
                      [--edit-headers [matroska-file.mkv]]]


       mkvtoolnix-gui(1) is a Qt(TM) based GUI for mkvmerge(1) (and will evolve to cover
       mkvinfo(1) and mkvextract(1) as well). It offers easy access to most of mkvmerge(1)'s
       options. All settings (e.g. source files, track options etc) can be saved and restored.

       Listing configuration file names with the extension .mtxcfg causes the GUI to load the
       those configuration files in the appropriate tool. Any other file name is added as an
       input file for merging, opened in the chapter editor or in the header editor depending on
       the current mode. The current mode can be changed with --merge, --edit-chapters or
       --edit-headers. The default mode is adding files for merging.

       Note that if an instance of the application is already running when the application is
       started a second time all file names given on the command line are handled by the
       already-running instance.

           All following file names will be added as input files to the current merge job. This
           is the default mode.

           All following file names will be opened in the chapter editor.

           All following file names will be opened in the header editor.

       -h, --help
           Muestra información de uso y sale.

       -V, --version
           Muestra la información de la versión y sale.


       mkvmerge(1), mkvextract(1), mkvinfo(1), mkvpropedit(1)


       La última versión se puede encontrar siempre en la página de MKVToolNix[1].


       Moritz Bunkus <>


        1. la página de MKVToolNix