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       virt-list-filesystems - 仮想マシンまたはディスクイメージのファイルシステムの一覧表示


        virt-list-filesystems [--options] domname

        virt-list-filesystems [--options] disk.img [disk.img ...]


       This tool is obsolete.  Use virt-filesystems(1) as a more flexible replacement.


       "virt-list-filesystems" is a command line tool to list the filesystems that are contained
       in a virtual machine or disk image.

       "virt-list-filesystems" is just a simple wrapper around libguestfs(3) functionality.  For
       more complex cases you should look at the guestfish(1) tool.




       -c URI
       --connect URI
           libvirt を使用していると、指定された URI に接続します。  省略すると、デフォルトの
           libvirt ハイパーバイザーに接続します。

           仮想マシンのブロックデバイスを直接指定すると、libvirt はまったく使用されません。

       --format raw
           Specify the format of disk images given on the command line.  If this is omitted then
           the format is autodetected from the content of the disk image.

           If disk images are requested from libvirt, then this program asks libvirt for this
           information.  In this case, the value of the format parameter is ignored.

           If working with untrusted raw-format guest disk images, you should ensure the format
           is always specified.

           With this option, "virt-list-filesystems" displays the type of each filesystem too
           (where "type" means "ext3", "xfs" etc.)

           Normally we only show mountable filesystems.  If this option is given then swap
           devices are shown too.


       guestfs(3), guestfish(1), virt-cat(1), virt-tar(1), virt-filesystems(1),
       virt-list-partitions(1), Sys::Guestfs(3), Sys::Virt(3),


       Richard W.M. Jones


       Copyright (C) 2009 Red Hat Inc.



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