Provided by: axiom_20140801-11_amd64 bug


       axiom - A general purpose computer algebra system



       [-ht |-noht]
              whether to use HyperDoc

       [-gr |-nogr]
              whether to use Graphics

       [-clef |-noclef]
              whether to use Clef

       [-nag |-nonag]
              whether to use NAG

       [-iw |-noiw]
              start in interpreter window

              start an interpreter buffer in the original window.

       [-nox] don't use X Windows

       [-go |-nogo]
              whether to start system

       [-ws wsname]
              use named workspace

              list workspaces only

       [-h]   show usage

       By default, the command axiom would start the process

       sman -ws /usr/lib/axiom/axiom-20140801/mnt/linux/bin/AXIOMsys


       axiom  is  a fomerly proprietary, newly open-source, interactive computer algebra program.
       Opensource axiom now has support for both graphics and the hyperdoc help  system.   Please
       refer  to  these  facilities for detailed usage instructions. This manual page was written
       for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

       A good but slightly out of date source of documentation can be found in  the  book  Axiom:
       The  Scientific  Computation  System,  by  Richard  D. Jenks and Robert S. Sutor available
       through  A pdf version of this book is now included in the axiom-doc package.


              The personal Axiom initialization file, executed at startup


       Rosetta.dvi (to compare Axiom syntax with other math packages)


       This manual page was written by Camm Maguire <>, for the  Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).