Provided by: daligner_1.0+20151214-1_amd64 bug


       LAcheck - verify structural integrity of .las files


       LAcheck [-vS] src1:db|dam [src2:db|dam] align:las ...


       LAcheck  checks each .las file for structural integrity, where the a- and b-sequences come
       from src1 or from src1 and src2, respectively.  That is, it makes  sure  each  file  makes
       sense  as  a plausible .las file, e.g.  values are not out of bound, the number of records
       is correct, the number of trace points for a record is  correct,  and  so  on.   The  exit
       status  is  0  if  every  file  is  deemed  good, and 1 if at least one of the files looks


       -S     Also check that the alignments are in sorted order

       -v     Print a line for each .las file saying either the file is OK or reporting the first
              error.  If the -v option is not set, then the program runs silently.


       daligner(1) LAsort(1) LAmerge(1) LAshow(1) LAcat(1) LAsplit(1) HPCdaligner(1) HPCmapper(1)