Provided by: daligner_1.0+20151214-1_amd64 bug


       LAmerge - merge .las files into a single sorted file


       LAmerge [-v] merge:las parts:las ...


       Merge  the .las files parts into a singled sorted file merge, where it is assumed that the
       input parts files are sorted.  Due to operating system limits, the number of  parts  files
       must  be  <=  252.  With the -v option set, the program reports the number of records read
       and written.

       Used correctly, LAmerge and LAsort(1) together allow one to  perform  an  "external"  sort
       that  produces  a  collection  of  sorted  files  containing  in  aggregate  all the local
       alignments found by the daligner(1), such that their concatenation is sorted in  order  of
       (a,b,o,ab).   In particular, this means that all the alignments for a given a-read will be
       found consecutively in one of the files.  So computations that need to  look  at  all  the
       alignments for a given read can operate in simple sequential scans of these sorted files.


       daligner(1) LAsort(1) LAshow(1) LAcat(1) LAsplit(1) LAcheck(1) HPCdaligner(1) HPCmapper(1)