Provided by: le-dico-de-rene-cougnenc_1.3-2.1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       dico - Search a word in a French dictionary


       dico pattern1 pattern2 patternN ... ...


       dico  is a command allowing to search a word in a French dictionary, in order to check the

       This dictionary  contains  more  than  100,000  words  like  nouns,  verbs,  conjugations,
       adjectives  and complex plural forms as well as the name and the postal code of the french


       See the French manual page (/usr/share/man/fr/man1/dico.1.gz) for more informations.


       This dictionnary  was  created  thanks  to  the  voluntary  or  involuntary  contributions
       (automatic analyzes of messages...) of many people of which here a nonexhaustive list

       Alain    Lemell,   Alain    Vermotgaud,   Attila     Altan,  Bernard  Guillaumot,  Bernard
       Milovanovic, Bernard  Norek, Bertrand Petit, Cedric Ingrand, Christian Delannoy, Christian
       Perrier,   Daniel    Morais,  Daniel  Toussaint,  Denis  Gradel,  Antony  Filleau,  Edmond
       Vandermeersch, Emmanuel Charpentier,Patrick Montgermont, Emmanuel  Roussin,  Eric  Richet,
       Francis  Rozange,  Gerard  Mannig,  Francois  Jarraud, Francois Millet, Francois Vigneron,
       Georges Wanderstok, Javier Castillo, Jean-Christophe Peyrard, Jean-Claude Ambroise,  Jean-
       Luc  Betin,  Jean-Marie Guitard, Joel  Surcouf, Jps  Gueniat, Klaus  Steinschaden, Laurent
       Graffin, Mic  Ralle, Michel  Duffaud, Michel  Perez,  Michel  Pinquier,  Nat  Makarevitch,
       Olivier  Girard,  Lionel  Delafosse,  Ollivier  Civiol,  Ollivier  Robert, Philippe Abegg,
       Jacques Lipka, Pascal  Petit, Pascal Reszetko,  Pascal  Tremong,  Paul  Milliot,  Philippe
       David,  Philippe  Duflot,  Philippe  Paternotte, Philippe Waki, Pierre Tran, Pierre Zarka,
       Regis Rampnoux, Rene Cougnenc, Rene Durand, Sam Cabannes, Serge  Delbono,  Serge  Gautier,
       Stef Evain, Stephane Derny, Vincent Gillet, Emmanuel Bataille.