Provided by: dietlibc-dev_0.33~cvs20120325-6_amd64 bug


       diet - mangle gcc command line arguments


       diet [-v] [-Os] [normal gcc command line]


       diet  is  a small wrapper around gcc.  It will try to look at the command line you specify
       and try to mangle it so that gcc will compile against the diet libc header files and  link
       against the diet libc itself.

       diet  tries  to  be  smart  for  cross  compiling.   If  the first argument is not gcc but
       sparc-linux-gcc, diet will guess that  you  want  to  cross  compile  for  sparc  and  use
       bin-sparc/dietlibc.a instead of the dietlibc.a for your default architecture.

       The -v option will make diet print the modified gcc command line before executing it.

       When  passed  the  -Os option before the gcc argument, diet will mangle the gcc options to
       include the best known for-size optimization settings for the platform.


       ~/.diet/compiler may contain compiler options as you would specify  them  on  the  command
       line,  i.e. separated by spaces.  Those will then be used instead of the built-in defaults
       for diet -Os.


       Felix von Leitner <>

                                            April 2001                                    diet(1)