Provided by: dmtcp_2.3.1-6_amd64 bug


       dmtcp_restart -- restart processes from given checkpoint images.


       dmtcp_restart [OPTIONS] ckpt1.dmtcp [ckpt2.dmtcp...]


       dmtcp_command is a tool to send user commands to the dmtcp_coordinator remotely.


   Connecting to the DMTCP Coordinator
       -h, --host hostname (environment variable DMTCP_HOST)
               Hostname where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: localhost)

       -p, --port port (environment variable DMTCP_PORT)
               Port where dmtcp_coordinator is run (default: 7779)

       --port-file filename
               File  to  write  listener  port  number.   (Useful with --port 0, which is used to
              assign a random port)

       -j, --join
               Join an existing coordinator, raise error if one doesn't already exist

               Create a new coordinator at the given port. Fail if  one  already  exists  on  the
              given  port.  The  port  can be specified with --port, or with environment variable
              DMTCP_PORT. If no port is specified, start coordinator at a random  port  (same  as
              specifying port '0').

       -i, -interval seconds (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL)
               Time  in  seconds  between  automatic  checkpoints.   0 implies never (manual ckpt
              only); if not set and no env var, use default value  set  in  dmtcp_coordinator  or
              dmtcp_command.  Not allowed if --join is specified

   Other options
               Allow root to run dmtcp_restart and disable uid checking.  (default: disabled)

       --no-strict-uid-checking (environment variable DMTCP_DISABLE_UID_CHECKING)
               Disable uid checking for the checkpoint image. This allows the checkpoint image to
              be restarted by a different user than the one that created it.

       --ckptdir path (environment variable DMTCP_CHECKPOINT_DIR)
               Directory to store checkpoint images (default: use  the  same  directory  used  in
              previous checkpoint)

       --tmpdir path (environment variable DMTCP_TMPDIR)
               Directory   to   store  temporary  files  (default:  $TMDPIR/dmtcp-$USER@$HOST  or

       -q, --quiet (or set environment variable DMTCP_QUIET = 0, 1, or 2)
               Skip NOTE messages; if given twice, also skip WARNINGs

               Print this message and exit.

               Print version information and exit.


       Report bugs to:
       DMTCP home page: <>


       dmtcp(1), dmtcp_coordinator(1), dmtcp_launch(1), dmtcp_restart(1), dmtcp_command(1)


       See /usr/share/doc/dmtcp-2.2/AUTHORS.


       DMTCP version 2.2 of March 2014.


       See /usr/share/doc/dmtcp-2.2/COPYING file.

       License LGPLv3+: GNU LGPL version 3 or later <>.

       This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.   This  is  free  software,  and  you  are
       welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see COPYING file for details.