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       dput - package upload tool for Debian


       dput [options] [host[:argument]] package.changes ...


       This  is  a  tool for uploading Debian packages into the archive. You may specify to which
       host it should upload the file by passing it an host argument. If omitted, dput  uses  the
       host  specified  by  default_host  (or,  historically  default_host_non-us)  configuration
       option. You also can pass an argument to the host by appending the hostname with  a  colon
       followed  by  the argument. For example, you can upload easily to different launchpad PPAs
       by passing the PPAs' id to the ppa host without having to modify

       You have to pass the program one or more name of package.changes files and then they  will
       be sequentially uploaded.

       This  program  will  then  upload  the  package for you into the archive, using a selected
       upload method. Currently dput supports ftp, scp, rsync, http, sftp, https, and local.  The
       method  scripts  have  been  split  from the main script so it is easy to add new methods.
       Look in /usr/share/dput/ for examples.

       Should something go wrong with your upload to destinations using the Debian  upload  queue
       daemon (e.g. ftp-master), you can remove files from the upload queue with dcut(1).


       -c, --config - define a config file to use.

       -d, --debug - activate debugging mode, helpful if bugs occur.

       -D, --dinstall - do a dry run of dinstall after the upload.

       -f, --force - force an upload of an already uploaded package.

       -h, --help - print help information and exit.

       -H, --host-list - print the lists of hosts that dput knows about.

       -l, --lintian - run lintian before the upload.

       -U, --no-upload-log - do not write a .upload log file after uploading.

       -o, --check-only - check only the package and do not upload.

       -p, --print - print the configuration that dput is using.

       -P,  --passive  -  use passive ftp instead of active. Note that passive ftp is the default
       unless specified otherwise in the configuration file.

       -s, --simulate - simulate an upload only.

       -u, --unchecked - don't check GnuPG signature on the changes file.

       -e, --delayed - Upload to a DELAYED queue, rather than the usual Incoming. This  takes  an
       argument from 0 to 15. Note that a delay of 0 is different from no delay at all.

       -v, --version - print version information and exit.

       -V,  --check-version  -  check  if  the  user has already installed and tested the package
       before putting it into the archive.


       This program doesn't depend on any environment variables. But if the variable USER is set,
       it will be used.


       This program is distributed under the terms of the GPL.


       Please send bug reports to the author.


              global dput configuration file

              peruser dput configuration file



       dput   was   written   Christian   Kurz.   The   current  maintainer  is  Thomas  Viehmann

       Many other people have contributed to this code. See the Thanks file.


       The author does appreciate comments and suggestions from you.

                                         October 5, 2001                                  dput(1)