Provided by: lives_2.4.8-1_amd64 bug


       LiVES - LiVES is a Video Editing System


       lives  <video_file> <start_time> <frames> [ -help ] [ -version ] [ -set setname | -noset ]
       [ -nogui ] [ -aplayer ap ] [ -jackopts opts ] [ -norecover | -recover ] [ -oscstart port |
       -nooscstart ] [ -devicemap mapfile ]


       This manual page documents briefly the lives command.

       LiVES   lets  you start editing and making video right away, without having to worry about
       formats, frame sizes, or framerates. LiVES will let you start  creating  your  own  tools,
       utilities and effects via the built in RFX builder.


       -help Show all commandline options and exit

              Print the version, copyright and licensing details, and exit

       -set setname
              Start up lives and autoload set setname

       -noset Do not load any set on startup

       -nogui Do not show the GUI (experimental)

       -aplayer ap
              Start  with selected audio player. ap can be mplayer, sox or jack.  Note: This sets
              the audio player permanently. You can change it in preferences.

       -jackopts opts
              opts is a bitmap of jack startup options [1 =  jack  transport  client,  2  =  jack
              transport  master,  4  =  start  jack  transport server, 8 = pause audio when video
              paused, 16 = start jack audio server] Note: jackopts are temporary, only  for  this
              instance.  You  need  to  set  them  in  Preferences  if you want to make permanent

              Force no loading of crash recovery

              Force loading of crash recovery (if present)

       -oscstart port
              Start OSC listener on UDP port port if LiVES is compiled with OSC support

              Do not start OSC listener

       -devicemap mapfile
              Load in device mapping file mapfile at startup


       mplayer(1), ImageMagick(1), ffmpeg(1).


       lives was written by Gabriel "Salsaman" Finch.

       This manual page was originally written by Gürkan Sengün  <>,  for  the
       Debian  project  (but  may  be used by others).  This man page has been updated by Gabriel
       "Salsaman" Finch <> and Harry Rickards <>

                                        November 12, 2007                                lives(1)