Provided by: ubuntu-device-flash_0.34-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ubuntu-device-flash -


       ubuntu-device-flash [OPTIONS]



              revision to use, absolute or relative allowed

              Only download.

              Use a different image server

              Cleans up cache with all downloaded bits

              Skip TLS certificate validation

       -v, --verbose
              More messages will be printed out


       Creates ubuntu core images

       Usage: ubuntu-device-flash [OPTIONS] core [core-OPTIONS]

              Specify the channel to use

       -o, --output
              Name of the image file to create

       -s, --size
              Size of image file to create in GB (min 4)

       --oem  The snappy oem package to base the image out of

              Specify a local device part to override the one from the server

              Finds the latest public key in your ~/.ssh and sets it up using cloud-init

              Enable ssh on the image through cloud-init(not needed with developer mode)

              Install additional packages (can be called multiple times)

              Generate a pure cloud image without setting up cloud-init

              Specify the device to use

       Run queries against the image server

       Choose from the list of query options to retrieve information from the server

       Usage: ubuntu-device-flash [OPTIONS] query [query-OPTIONS]

              List available channels

              List available images for a channel

              Show information for an image in the given channel

              Specify an alternate channel

              Specify the device to use as a base for querying

       Flashes ubuntu touch images

       Usage: ubuntu-device-flash [OPTIONS] touch [touch-OPTIONS]

              bootstrap the system, do this from the bootloader

       --wipe Clear all data after flashing

              Serial of the device to operate

              Enables  developer  mode  after the factory reset, this is meant for automation and
              makes the device insecure by default (requires --password)

              Specify a local device tarball to override the one from the server (using  official
              Ubuntu images with different device tarballs)

              Specify  a local custom tarball to override the one from the server (using official
              Ubuntu images with different custom tarballs)

              Run a script given by path to finish the flashing process, instead of rebooting  to
              recovery  (mostly  used  during  development  to  work  around quirky or incomplete
              recovery images)

              This sets up the default password for the phablet user. This option is meant for CI
              and not general use

              Specify the channel to use

              Specify the device to flash

              Specify  the  recovery image file to use when flashing, overriding the one from the
              device tarball (useful if the latter has no adb enabled)

                                           9 June 2015                     ubuntu-device-flash(1)