Provided by: z88dk-bin_1.8.ds1-10_amd64 bug


       z88dk-z80asm - Z80 assembler compiler.


       z88dk-z80asm [options] [ @<modulefile> | {<filename>} ]


       This  manual  page documents briefly the z88dk tools. This manual page was written for the
       Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but may be used by others), because  the  original  program
       does not have a manual page.

       z88dk-z80asm is a Z80 assembler cross compiler.

       Please  refer  to  the  z88dk  documentation in /usr/share/doc/z88dk-doc/ for the complete
       description of the system.  If /usr/share/doc/z88dk-doc not  exists,  please  install  the
       package z88dk-doc.


       -h     display help

       -n     defines option to be turned OFF (except -r -R -i -x -D -t -o)

       -v     verbose

       -l     listing file

       -s     symbol table,

       -m     map listing file

              Explicit relocation <ORG> defined in hex (ignore ORG in first module)

       -plus  Interpret 'Invoke' as RST 28h

       -R     Generate relocatable code (Automatical relocation before execution)

              define symbol as logically TRUE (used for conditional assembly)

       -b     assemble files & link to ORG address. -c split code in 16K banks

       -d     date  stamp  control,  assemble  only  if  source  file  >  object file -a: -b & -d
              (assemble only updated source files, then link & relocate)

       -o<bin filename>
              expl. output filename, -g XDEF reloc. addr. from all modules

              include <library> LIB modules with .obj modules during linking

              create library from specified modules ( e.g. with @<modules> )

       -t<n>  tabulator width for .map, .def, .sym files. Column width is 4 times -t

       Default options: -nv -nd -nb -nl -s -m -ng -nc -nR -t8


       z88dk(1), z88dk-zcc(1), z88dk-z80asm(1), z88dk-appmake(1), z88dk-copt(1).


       z88dk was written by Dominic Morris <>, and others.  z80asm  was  written  by
       Gunther   Strube  <>.   This  manual  page  was  written  by  Krystian  Wlosek
       <> using exists documentation, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

                                         01 December 2009                               z80asm(1)