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       sd_journal_get_catalog, sd_journal_get_catalog_for_message_id - Retrieve message catalog


       #include <systemd/sd-journal.h>

       int sd_journal_get_catalog(sd_journal *j, char **ret);

       int sd_journal_get_catalog_for_message_id(sd_id128_t id, char **ret);


       sd_journal_get_catalog() retrieves a message catalog entry for the current journal entry.
       This will look up an entry in the message catalog by using the "MESSAGE_ID=" field of the
       current journal entry. Before returning the entry all journal field names in the catalog
       entry text enclosed in "@" will be replaced by the respective field values of the current
       entry. If a field name referenced in the message catalog entry does not exist, in the
       current journal entry, the "@" will be removed, but the field name otherwise left

       sd_journal_get_catalog_for_message_id() works similar to sd_journal_get_catalog() but the
       entry is looked up by the specified message ID (no open journal context is necessary for
       this), and no field substitution is performed.

       For more information about the journal message catalog please refer to the Journal Message
       Catalogs[1] documentation page.


       sd_journal_get_catalog() and sd_journal_get_catalog_for_message_id() return 0 on success
       or a negative errno-style error code. If no matching message catalog entry is found,
       -ENOENT is returned.

       On successful return, ret points to a new string, which must be freed with free(3).


       The sd_journal_get_catalog() and sd_journal_get_catalog_for_message_id() interfaces are
       available as a shared library, which can be compiled and linked to with the
       libsystemd pkg-config(1) file.


       systemd(1), systemd.journal-fields(7), sd-journal(3), sd_journal_open(3),
       sd_journal_next(3), sd_journal_get_data(3), malloc(3)


        1. Journal Message Catalogs