Provided by: slapd_2.4.42+dfsg-2ubuntu3.13_amd64 bug


       slapo-collect - Collective attributes overlay to slapd




       The  collect  overlay  is  used  to provide a relatively coarse implementation of RFC 3671
       collective attributes.  In X.500, a collective attribute is "a user attribute whose values
       are the same for each member of an entry collection".

       Collective  attributes  are added to entries returned by a search operation when the entry
       is within the scope of the related ancestor.  Collective attributes can only  be  modified
       when the modification affects the related ancestor.


       This slapd.conf option applies to the collect overlay.  It should appear after the overlay

       collectinfo <DN> <attrlist>
              Specify the DN of the ancestor entry and the set of related collective  attributes,
              where  attrlist  is  a comma-separated list of attributes.  The DN should be within
              the naming context of the database.


              default slapd configuration file


       slapd.conf(5),   slapd-config(5),   The   slapo-collect(5)   overlay   supports    dynamic
       configuration via back-config.


       This  module  was  written  in  2003  by Howard Chu.  This man page was written in 2008 by
       Pierangelo Masarati.  OpenLDAP Software  is  developed  and  maintained  by  The  OpenLDAP
       Project  <>.   OpenLDAP  Software  is  derived  from University of
       Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.