Provided by: c-icap_0.4.2-2_i386 bug


       c-icap-client - simple ICAP client


       c-icap-client  [  -i  icap_servername ] [ -p port ] [ -s service ] [ -f
       input_file ] [ -o out_file ] [ -req url ] [ -resp  url  ]  [  -d  debug
       level  ]  [  -noreshdr  ] [ -nopreview ] [ -no204 ] [ -206 ] [ -x icap-
       header ] [ -hx http-request-header ] [ -rhx http-response-header ] [ -w
       preview_size ] [ -v ]


       c-icap-client is a simple ICAP client. It can be used to test your icap
       server configuration.


       -i icap_servername
              The hostname of the icap server. The default is localhost

       -p port
              The server port. The default port value is 1344

       -s service
              The service name. The default service name is "echo"

       -f filename
              Send this file to the icap server. Default is to send an options

       -o filename
              Save output to this file. Default is to send to stdout

       -req url
              Send  a  request  modification instead of response modification,
              using as http url the url provided with this option.

       -resp url
              Send a response modification with http request headers, using as
              http url the url provided with this option.

       -d level
              debug level info to stdout

              Do not send reshdr headers

              Do not send preview request data

       -no204 Do not allow204 outside preview

       -206   Support 206 responses

       -x icap-header
              Include the icap-header in icap request headers

       -hx http-request-header
              Include the http-request-header in http request headers

       -rhx http-response-header
              Include the http-response-header in http response headers

       -w preview
              Sets the maximum preview data size to preview

       -v     Print response headers


       c-icap(8)    c-icap-stretch(8)    c-icap-config(8)   c-icap-libicapapi-
       config(8) c-icap-mkbdb(8)




       Tsantilas Christos

                                 c_icap 0.4.2                 c-icap-client(8)