Provided by: libnss-mymachines_237-3ubuntu10_amd64 bug


       nss-mymachines, - Provide hostname resolution for local container



       nss-mymachines is a plug-in module for the GNU Name Service Switch (NSS) functionality of
       the GNU C Library (glibc), providing hostname resolution for the names of containers
       running locally that are registered with systemd-machined.service(8). The container names
       are resolved to the IP addresses of the specific container, ordered by their scope. This
       functionality only applies to containers using network namespacing.

       The module also resolves user and group IDs used by containers to user and group names
       indicating the container name, and back. This functionality only applies to containers
       using user namespacing.

       To activate the NSS module, add "mymachines" to the lines starting with "hosts:",
       "passwd:" and "group:" in /etc/nsswitch.conf.

       It is recommended to place "mymachines" after the "files" or "compat" entry of the
       /etc/nsswitch.conf lines to make sure that its mappings are preferred over other resolvers
       such as DNS, but so that /etc/hosts, /etc/passwd and /etc/group based mappings take


       Here is an example /etc/nsswitch.conf file that enables nss-mymachines correctly:

           passwd:         compat mymachines systemd
           group:          compat mymachines systemd
           shadow:         compat

           hosts:          files mymachines resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] dns myhostname
           networks:       files

           protocols:      db files
           services:       db files
           ethers:         db files
           rpc:            db files

           netgroup:       nis


       systemd(1), systemd-machined.service(8), nss-systemd(8), nss-resolve(8), nss-
       myhostname(8), nsswitch.conf(5), getent(1)