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       chirp - command line tool providing explicit control of a Chirp server.


       chirp [options] [hostname] [command]


       chirp  is  a  tool to connect and manage a Chirp server in a similar way to an FTP client.
       chirp allows connecting to a  Chirp  server,  copying  files,  and  managing  directories,
       auditing node etc...

       Here are some important  chirp commands:

       •   open <host> Connect to a Chirp server.

       •   close Close connection to current Chirp server.

       •   get <remotefile> [localfile] Copy a remote file to local storage.

       •   put <localfile> [remotefile] Copy a local file to Chirp server.

       •   thirdput <file> <3rdhost> <3rdfile> Copy a remote file to another Chirp server.

       •   getacl <remotepath> Get acl of a remote file/directory.

       •   setacl <remotepath> <user> <rwldax> Set acl for a remote file/directory.

       •   ls [-la] [remotepath] List contents of a remote directory.

       •   mv <oldname> <newname> Change name of a remote file.

       •   rm <file> Delete a remote file.

       •   audit     [-r] Audit current Chirp server.

       •   exit Close connection and exit Chirp.

           chirp also manages Chirp tickets for authentication purpose.

       •   ticket_create  [-o[utput]  <ticket filename>] [-s[ubject] <subject/user>] [-d[uration]
           <duration>] [-b[its] <bits>] [[<directory> <acl>] ...] Creat a ticket

       •   ticket_register <name> [<subject>] <duration> Manually register a ticket with multiple
           Chirp severs.

       •   ticket_delete <name> Remove a ticket.

       •   ticket_list <name> List registered tickets on a Chirp server.

       •   ticket_get <name> Check status of a ticket.

       •   ticket_modify <name> <directory> <aclmask> Modify a ticket.


       -a, --auth=<flag>
              Require this authentication mode.

       -d, --debug=<flag>
              Enable debugging for this subsystem.

       -i, --tickets=<files>
              Comma-delimited list of tickets to use for authentication.

        -l, --verbose
              Long transfer information.

       -t, --timeout=<time>
              Set remote operation timeout.

        -v, --version
              Show program version.

        -h, --help
              Show help text.


CHIRP_CLIENT_TICKETS  Comma  delimited  list  of tickets to authenticate with (same as


       On success, returns zero.  On failure, returns non-zero.


       To connect to a Chirp server using chirp:

               % chirp
               chirp> (enter more commands here)

       To copy a single local file using chirp:

               % chirp put /tmp/mydata.dat /mydata/mydata.dat

       To get a single remote file using chirp:

               % chirp get /mydata/mydata.dat /tmp/mydata.dat

       To create a ticket using:

               % chirp get ticket_create -output myticket.ticket -subject unix:user -bits 1024 -duration 86400 / rl /foo rwl

       To register a ticket with other Chirp servers:

               % chirp ticket_register myticket.ticket unix:user 86400

       To delete a ticket:

               % chirp ticket_delete myticket.ticket


       The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2005-2019 The University of Notre  Dame.
       This  software  is distributed under the GNU General Public License.  See the file COPYING
       for details.


Cooperative Computing Tools DocumentationChirp User Manualchirp(1)      chirp_status(1)      chirp_fuse(1)       chirp_get(1)       chirp_put(1)
           chirp_stream_files(1)  chirp_distribute(1)  chirp_benchmark(1)  chirp_server(1)