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       chirp_stream_files - move data to/from chirp servers in parallel


       chirp_stream_files    [options]    <copy|split|join>   <localfile>   {   <hostname[:port]>


       chirp_stream_files is a tool for moving data from one machine to and from  many  machines,
       with  the  option  to split or join the file along the way.  It is useful for constructing
       scatter-gather types of applications on top of Chirp.

       chirp_stream_files copy duplicates a single  file  to  multiple  hosts.   The  <localfile>
       argument names a file on the local filesystem.  The command will then open a connection to
       the following list of hosts, and stream the file to all simultaneously.

       chirp_stream_files split divides an ASCII file up among multiple hosts.  The first line of
       <localfile>  is  sent  to the first host, the second line to the second, and so on, round-

       chirp_stream_files join collects multiple remote files into one.  The argument <localfile>
       is  opened for writing, and the remote files for reading.  The remote files are read line-
       by-line and assembled round-robin into the local file.

       In all cases, files are accessed in a streaming manner, making this particularly efficient
       for  processing  large files.  A local file name of - indicates standard input or standard
       output, so that the command can be used in a pipeline.


       -a, --auth=<flag>
              Require this authentication mode.

       -b, --block-size=<size>
              Set transfer buffer size. (default is 1048576 bytes)

       -d, --debug=<flag>
              Enable debugging for this subsystem.

       -i, --tickes=<files>
              Comma-delimited list of tickets to use for authentication.

       -t, --timeout=<time>
              Timeout for failure. (default is 3600s)

        -v, --version
              Show program version.

        -h, --help
              Show help text.


       List any environment variables used or set in this section.


       On success, returns zero.  On failure, returns non-zero.


       To copy the file mydata to three locations:

               % chirp_stream_files copy mydata /mydata

       To split the file mydata into subsets at three locations:

               % chirp_stream_files split mydata /part1

       To join three remote files back into one called newdata:

               % chirp_stream_files join newdata /part1


       The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2005-2019 The University of Notre  Dame.
       This  software  is distributed under the GNU General Public License.  See the file COPYING
       for details.


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