Provided by: libcpg-dev_3.1.6-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       cpg_membership_get - Returns a list of members of a CPG group


       #include <corosync/cpg.h>

       int cpg_membership_get(cpg_handle_t handle, struct cpg_name *groupName, struct cpg_address
       *member_list, int *member_list_entries);


       The cpg_membership_get function  is  used  to  determine  the  current  processes  in  the
       configuration.  You  probably will not need to call this function much as one of the first
       confchg callbacks you will get will  be  from  the  cpg_join()  function  containing  your
       process.     The argument handle is used to reference the cpg instantiation.  The argument
       groupName will return the name of the group The argument member_list will return the  list
       of  processors  in the current membership.  The argument member_list_entries should be set
       with the size of member_list and will return the size of the member_list after return from
       the function.


       The errors are undocumented.


       cpg_overview(3),   cpg_initialize(3),   cpg_finalize(3),  cpg_fd_get(3),  cpg_dispatch(3),
       cpg_join(3),  cpg_leave(3),  cpg_mcast_joined(3),  cpg_membership_get(3)  cpg_zcb_alloc(3)
       cpg_zcb_free(3)      cpg_zcb_mcast_joined(3)     cpg_context_get(3)     cpg_context_set(3)

       CS_ERR_TRY_AGAIN Resource temporarily unavailable

       CS_ERR_INVALID_PARAM Invalid argument

       CS_ERR_ACCESS Permission denied

       CS_ERR_LIBRARY The connection failed

       CS_ERR_INTERRUPT System call interrupted by a signal

       CS_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED The requested protocol/functionality not supported

       CS_ERR_MESSAGE_ERROR Incorrect auth message received

       CS_ERR_NO_MEMORY Not enough memory to complete the requested task