Provided by: libcpg-dev_3.1.6-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       cpg_overview - CPG library overview


       The  CPG  library  is delivered with the corosync project.  This library is used to create
       distributed applications that operate properly  during  cluster  partitions,  merges,  and

       The library provides a mechanism to:

       * handle abstraction for multiple instances of a CPG library in one application

       * join one or more groups

       * leave one or more groups

       * Deliver messages to members of that group

       * Deliver configuration changes

       * Iterate members of groups


       If  encryption  is enabled in corosync.conf, the CPG library will encrypt and authenticate
       message contents.  Applications must run as the ais user to be validated  by  corosync  on
       IPC connection, otherwise they will be unable to access the corosync services.


       cpg_overview(3),   cpg_initialize(3),   cpg_finalize(3),  cpg_fd_get(3),  cpg_dispatch(3),
       cpg_join(3),       cpg_leave(3),       cpg_mcast_joined(3),       cpg_model_initialize(3),
       cpg_membership_get(3),    cpg_zcb_alloc(3),    cpg_zcb_free(3),   cpg_zcb_mcast_joined(3),
       cpg_context_get(3),  cpg_context_set(3),  cpg_local_get(3),   cpg_iteration_initialize(3),
       cpg_iteration_next(3), cpg_iteration_finalize(3)