Provided by: eg25-manager_0.4.4-2_amd64 bug


       eg25-manager configuration file format


       eg25-manager uses toml formatted files for configuration.

       Configurations are loaded from:
           •   /etc/eg25-manager/<compatible>.toml: User-provided overrides (optional)
           •   /usr/share/eg25-manager/<compatible>.toml: Default configuration (required)

SECTION: manager

       General settings for eg25-manager.

       poweron_delay int (microseconds)
           Delay between de-asserting RESET and starting the PWRKEY sequence.

SECTION: suspend

       Settings for how to handle suspend on the system where eg25-manager is running.

       boot_timeout int (seconds)
           Prevent the system from suspending for boot_timeout seconds to allow the modem to
           fully boot.

           Default: 120 if unset or zero.

       recovery_timeout int (seconds)
           Amount of time to wait for the modem to reappear after suspend. If the timeout is
           reached the modem's USB connection will be reset.

           Default: 9 if unset or zero.


       AT commands to send when different events happen, and where to send them to.

       Each command has 4 possible elements:
           •   cmd: the AT command itself, which will be translated to "AT+`cmd`"
           •   subcmd: the subcommand in case a single AT command can be used to change multiple
               parameters, such as QCFG
           •   value: the command's argument(s), usually used to set the value of a specific
           •   expect: the expected return value; the command is first executed without any value
               in order to query the current state. This state is then compared to the expect
               string; if they don't match, the command is then executed with value expect in
               order to set the parameter to the expected value

       A command can have expect OR value configured, but it shouldn't have both

       NOTE: If a command sequence is configured in an override file, the default commands won't
       be loaded from the system configuration. The default commands should be copied into the
       override file when changing them.

       uart string
           The serial port to use for sending AT commands to the modem.

       configure List of commands
           AT commands to send to the modem when it is first started.

       suspend List of commands
           AT commands to send to the modem before the system suspends.

       resume List of commands
           AT commands to send to the modem after the system resumes from suspend.

       reset List of commands
           AT commands to send to the modem if resetting the usb port fails.


       Settings for uploading AGPS assistance data to the modem.

       enabled boolean
           Enable or disable uploading AGPS data to the modem

       url string
           The directory on the server that contains the assistance files


       file string
           The name of the assistance file on the server.

           Example: xtra2.bin


       The gpio section defines the GPIO pins to use for different modem functions. These
       settings should only be changed when porting eg25-manager to a new device; for this reason
       they aren't documented here.


       Print the firmware version every time the phone wakes from suspend:
           resume = [
               { cmd = "QGMR" },

       Disable uploading AGPS data to the modem:
           enabled = false



                                            2022-08-05                            eg25-manager(5)